Delirium Monasterium

The newest Delirium offers a combination of beers and vodkas. Of course, the beers come from Abbeys and Trappists Abbeys. Beer brewing being a long monastic tradition ! But what about vodka? Actually, while the monks of Western Europe brewed beer, in the eastern countries the monks distilled vodka.

It was therefore interesting to combine these two traditions. At the Delirium Monasterium you can enjoy 120 beers (on tap and bottles) and more than 400 vodkas from many countries. Some of these vodkas are extremely rare. For example one is presented in Faberge eggs and another in a box with a machine gun shaped bottle and grenades, while others, in more traditional bottles are small wonders to enjoy.

To help you meditate and try these great products, we have created an atmosphere of circumstance ... woodwork, stained glass windows and statues make up an environment to spend a great evening.